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Friday Mini Reviews Audio Edition #48: Jim Butcher, John Green & David Levithan


Small Favor by Jim Butcher (Harry Dresden #10)

bought on audio

Synopsis from Goodreads
THE New York Times Bestseller

Harry Dresden's life finally seems to be calming down -- until a shadow from the past returns. Mab, monarch of the Sidhe Winter Court, calls in an old favor from Harry -- one small favor that will trap him between a nightmarish foe and an equally deadly ally, and that will strain his skills -- and loyalties -- to their very limits.
Audible US/UK | Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository

Another fun,  hectic ride from Harry and his friends with some interesting mythology thrown in.  I keep enjoying Butcher's imagination, and I especially appreciate Denarians. Recommended.
* * *
 Ещё одно весёлое, сумасшедшее путешествие Гарри Дрездена и его друзей с очень интересной мифологией. Я продолжая наслаждаться дикой фантазией Бутчера, и я особенно люблю его Денариев - классные персонажи. Рекомендую.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan

bought on audio

Synopsis from Goodreads

Will Grayson meets Will Grayson. One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two strangers are about to cross paths. From that moment on, their world will collide and lives intertwine.

It's not that far from Evanston to Naperville, but Chicago suburbanites Will Grayson and Will Grayson might as well live on different planets. When fate delivers them both to the same surprising crossroads, the Will Graysons find their lives overlapping and hurtling in new and unexpected directions. With a push from friends new and old - including the massive, and massively fabulous, Tiny Cooper, offensive lineman and musical theater auteur extraordinaire - Will and Will begin building toward respective romantic turns-of-heart and the epic production of history's most awesome high school musical.
Audible US/UK | Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository

My first encounter with Green and Levithan, and I can honestly say, that book wasn't a good fit for me. Too much drama and angst, and especially all of this in audiobook format made me switch off from time to time. It didn't quite hold my interest. However, the ending is pretty cool which is why I gave it a higher rating.
* * *
 Моя первая книга от обоих авторов, и я с уверенностью могу сказать, что они - не для меня. Слищком много драма и подростковых переживаний. Формат аудиокниги тоже не помогал поддерживать мой интерес и время от времени я вообще переставала обращать внимание на происходящее. Однако, концовка классная, и потому я даю этой книге неплохую оценку.

Turn Coat by Jim Butcher (Harry Dresden #11)

bought on audio

Synopsis from Goodreads
When it comes to the magical ruling body known as the White Council, Harry keeps his nose clean and his head down. For years, the Council has held a death mark over Harry's head. He's still thought of as a black sheep by some and as a sacrificial lamb by others. But none regard him with more suspicion and disdain than Morgan, a veteran Warden with a grudge against anyone who bends the rules.

Like Harry.

So when Morgan turns up asking for help, Harry isn't exactly eager to leap into action. Morgan has been accused of treason against the White Council, and there's only one final punishment for that crime. He's on the run, he wants his name cleared, and he needs someone with a knack for backing the underdog.

Like Harry.

Now Harry must uncover a traitor within the Council, keep a less than agreeable Morgan under wraps, and avoid coming under scrutiny himself. And a single mistake may cost someone his head.

Like Harry...
Audible US/UK | Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository

Loved this one really more, because Morgan in distress was a thing f beauty. Karma is a b*tch! By the way, he is a very well made character. The ending has a very cool twist to it as well, a little sad, but cool. Totally puts a good spin on the whole series.
* * *
Очень мне понравилась эта книга, потому как на Моргана по уши в неприятностях смотрела я со злорадством. Он кстати очень хороший персонаж. Концовка переворачивает многое с ног на голову и застявляет по новому посмотреть на происходящее.  Очень интересно!

Urban Fantasy Audiobook Review: Stalked By Flames by Susan Illene

Stalked by Flames by Susan Illene (Dragon's Breath #1)

Audiocopy courtesy of the author

Synopsis from Goodreads
Bailey Monzac has just graduated college and is leaving town for her parents’ ranch in Texas when a massive earthquake unleashes the unthinkable on the world: fire-breathing dragons.

Chaos erupts as people flee for their lives, and Bailey survives only because she is somehow immune to the dragons’ flames. In the midst of the mayhem, Bailey is helped by a shape-shifting dragon named Aidan, who recognizes Bailey is a dragon slayer and will be an essential ally in the power struggle between—and within—the dragon clans.

Natural disasters intensify and dragons lay waste to the world as civilization all but collapses amid the loss of electricity and running water. Roving gangs prowl the debris-filled streets, and Bailey and her friends manage to find refuge in the university library. As her relationship with Aidan deepens during private training sessions, Bailey must learn to harness her newfound skills or see everything she knows and loves destroyed.

Stalked by Flames is a gritty urban fantasy about a woman’s journey into a dark new reality she never could have imagined.

 Audible US/UK | Amazon US/UK | Amazon kindle US/UK | The Book Depository


* * *
If you liked Susan Illene's urban fantasy series, The Sensor, I guarantee you will enjoy this one. She takes an apocalyptic event of our world colliding with an another dimension, and creates a believable, creative scenario, blending dystopia and fantasy genres, magic and technology, dragons and college graduates.

Gothic Romance Review: Beneath a Waning Moon by Elizabeth Hunter and Grace Draven

Beneath a Waning Moon by Elizabeth Hunter & Grace Draven 

review copy from the authors

Synopsis from Goodreads
Two delightfully dark tales of Gothic romance from Elizabeth Hunter and Grace Draven.

In A VERY PROPER MONSTER, Josephine Shaw spends long nights filling the pages of her Gothic stories with the fantastic and the macabre, unaware that the suitor her father has arranged is one of the dark creatures she’s always dreamed. For Tom Dargin, courting an ailing spinster was only one duty in a long life of service to his sire. But after he meets the curious Miss Shaw, will Tom become the seducer or the seduced? Can a love fated to end in tragedy survive a looming grave?

In GASLIGHT HADES, Nathaniel Gordon walks two worlds—that of the living and the dead. Barely human, he's earned the reputation of a Bonekeeper, the scourge of grave robbers. He believes his old life over, until one dreary burial he meets the woman he once loved and almost married. Lenore Kenward stands at her father’s grave, begging the protection of the mysterious guardian, not knowing he is her lost love. Resolved to keep his distance, Nathaniel is forced to abandon his plan and accompany Lenore on a journey into the mouth of Hell where sea meets sky, and the abominations that exist beyond its barrier wait to destroy them.

Amazon kindle US/UK 


* * *

 A VERY PROPER MONSTER is utterly, utterly gorgeous. In fact, it's Elizabeth's finest work so far. The writing is poetic, the story is heart-breakingly beautiful. I finished it last night and cried. This doesn't happen to me often.

The Postman Knock #137

I love you all, peeps, but I just got back from Porto, and rushing through this post. Photos will come later.


WICKED EVER AFTER was lovely. BENEATH A WANING MOON on the other hand was absolutely gorgeous! Buy it now! STALKED BY FLAMES was a solid four star post-apocalyptic fantasy, and I freakin' adored DUMPLIN'. At last, CARESSED BY ICE was just alright.


Thanks to the author and Audible!

A couple of them were daily deals, the rest were good prices as companions to kindle books.


Love you all and I'm out.
Going to sleep now.

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